1)  Our Monthly Financials Are “Screwed Up!”

  • Invoices not paid on time (late fees)
  • Invoice paid without authorization
  • Invoices not accrued in the right fiscal year
  • Financial Statements unavailable for many months
  • Expended money from the wrong trust (bank) account
  • Strata Manager/Brokerage unable to answer questions regarding the financials
  • Our Accounts Receivables are out of control and the strata manager is not consistent on sending our collections letters

2)  Management Rotation

  • We have had several different strata managers the last couple of years and always get a junior or inexperienced person
  • We keeping changing management companies and sometimes get terminated for being a “difficult client”.

3)  Strata Manager Gets “Nothing” Done, Doesn’t Respond, and Doesn’t Care.

  • The strata manager never gets anything we ask of them done
  • The strata manager pushes back all/most of the work on the council
  • The strata manager “never” responds to our emails or voice mails
  • The strata manager says they have 12 t0 20 other clients to serve
  • The strata manager never provides advice/guidance/ideas to council

4)  The Manager Made A Critical Mistake

  • Failed to renew insurance
  • Missed a contract termination date
  • Missed New Home Warranty expiration date
  • Failed to advise owners of significant change to a resolution at a general meeting.
  • Signed contracts without authorization
  • Provided information to a third party that was not in the best interest of (detrimental to) the client (Strata Council)
    • A Third Party could be:
      • An owner, resident or tenant within the strata corporation
      • A contractor/supplier
      • Adjoining property/section of the strata corporation
      • A Realtor, Mortgage Broker, or Mortgage Provider
      • An Insurance Broker/Adjuster
      • A lawyer representing a claimant against the strata corporation
      • Commenting to a journalist: newspaper, periodical, TV, or blog…

5)  The are not Canadian

  • This matters to a lot of strata councils, that the brokerage is ultimately run and owned by someone in Canada, better even, if they are in British Columbia.  They want t be able to get to the top decision maker if something is going wrong.

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