George WG logoKozlovic is the Principal of Walnut Grove Secondary School and has been in education for 20 years, although he looks young enough that that time could include his time in college. Walnut Grove Secondary  School has 1830 students and 140 staff, making  it by far the largest school in Langley.  This has both advantages and disadvantages;  it allows the school to offer a wide range of programs and courses, but it makes it hard to get to know all the students.
The staff includes 2 youth workers who help some of the disadvantaged kids attending WGSS.  Each year there seem to be more financially challenged families in the community.
The last 15 years has seen the rise of technology, with most kids having a mobile phone and instant access to the internet.  The obsession with technology often means less involvement
with school offered programs.  The interactions between students are via connections rather than personally.
The school encourages community involvement, with clubs such as the Humanitarian Club having 75 – 100 members.  The members do work in the community, country wide and internationally.
The school is always looking for funding for scholarships to assist graduates in continuing their education post secondary.  The scholarships have different criteria and can be directed in to specific areas.