Canuck Place


Canuck Place Children’s Hospice is a pediatric palliative care facility that looks after children under 18 who will not live past 18.  They provide support to provide the best life  possible for them and for their family. Only 21% of kids who need this type of support are able to be helped.

A second Canuck Place, Dave Lede House in Abbotsford, was added to provide a facility outside Vancouver.  The two Canuck Place facilities serve the entire Province of B.C.  There are 1400 children in BC with life limiting illnesses.  There have been 167 different diseases and conditions cared for at Canuck Place.  There have been over 560 children helped by Canuck Place, along with family members averaging 8 per child.

Dave Lede House has been built and is ramping up to begin taking in patients.  Activities at Canuck Place is about providing positive memories.  After the death of the child, Canuck Place provides bereavement support to the family that often extends for 3 years.  There are separate counseling groups for parents, older children and younger children.  They have added a moms and tots program as well and provide in home support.for grieving families.

Funding is 7% from the Canucks, 35 % from the government and the remainder from donations.