Adrienne Clarkson, when she was Governor General of Canada, wanted to create an opportunity for newcomers to Canada to feel how special it is when they received their Citizenship to Canada, and to share their stories. The Institute of Canadian Citizenship was created to help this happen.

The Institute of Canadian Citizenship is a non profit, charitable organization that holds a ceremony for the presentation of Canadian citizenship to newcomers to the country who have met all the qualifications. A round table format is used to have all the new citizens discuss their background, personal history and their life journey. They can share why they chose to come to Canada and what their goals and vision of the future is for them and their family.

The ceremony takes place with RCMP members in dress uniform and dignitaries to take their oath and welcome them as citizens of Canada. The process of meeting the requirements for citizenship is handled by the federal government, the Institute only looks after the ceremony.

The local committee needs a Langley representative on the committee. The program requires a moderator at each table to lead the discussions, and a scribe to record the stories then share them at the conclusion with the other tables. It is an opportunity to give back to new immigrants to Canada as well as inspire yourself on the value of life here in Canada.

Institute of Canadian Citizenship